Project Description

Educational facilities have a pivotal role in the urban fabric, acting as influential factors for the economic and social balance within a city of neighborhood. As well as a school or kindergarten can influence the value of a neighborhood, the surrounding physical environment also has a decisive influence on the learning environment. Beyond the technical and creative, designing for education demands an appreciation of economic and social context. Agorapolis takes pride in creating learning environments that respond to the changing needs of the primary users and also new learning and educational strategies.


Client: Municipality of Ramnicu Valcea
Lead Design: arch. Gabriela Ciuchete
Status: Completed
Year of completion: 2020

Rehabilitation of School no. 16,

Client: Municipality of Constanta
Lead Design: arch. Artenian Soldea, arch. Ionut Casuneanu, arch. Valentin Draganescu
Status: Completed, year of completion: 2023

Integrated Educational Campus
for dual education in the City of Deva

Client: Municipality of Deva
Location: Municipality of Deva

Presentantion Brochure (RO)

Integrated Educational Campus
for dual education in Maramure»ô County

Client: Maramures County
Location: City of Baia Sprie

Presentantion Brochure (RO)